Is this a controversy?

Jesus is the way! There, I said it. Or wrote it, I guess.

But that begs the questions, “the way to what?”

Try this on for size.

1. Jesus is the way to finally being yourself.

We are each born only a fraction of the ‘self’ we were created to be. When a person comes into a saving, loving, forgiving, love based relationship with Jesus, he ‘rebirths’ them into the persons they were originally created to be. So in a since, when we meet Jesus… we meet ourselves. You and I were originally created in the image of God. Sin broke that image. Now, humans are a mere similarity to the image of God. Jesus repairs that image and remakes us into the people we were supposed to be. If you really want to be you… you need Jesus to do that.

2. Jesus is the way to finally being fully accepted, loved and cared for.

There is none more open and loving that Jesus. That is not to say that God has no wrath or that he is totally inclusive in every way. But once a person is submissively open to Jesus… they are included in that which is only describable as beyond any love you have ever experienced before. Now, truthfully, some people claiming to behave on God’s behalf, have made a muck of this visual. Some have been so inclusive as to require no submission to Jesus. And others have been so exclusive as to make Christianity into a religion that it was never intended to be.

So make sure you are following Jesus. And not some man made impersonation.

3. Jesus is the way to eternal life.

Nothing is eternal but God. God created humans to spend eternity with Him. Sin killed that plan. But God’s plan was bigger. And now we have an opportunity to be better than innocent… (what could that be?) We can be redeemed. We won’t get to heaven because we deserve it. We will get to heaven because Jesus deserves it and wants us there with Him. His righteousness is impeded or laid over us. When God looks at us… (as submissive followers of Christ) He sees the righteousness of Jesus. And we have eternal life because of it.

4. Jesus is the way to finding significance.

When a human gives their life to Christ and is forgiven of their sin by Him… they get something else. They are then filled with the Spirit of God. When the Spirit enters you… you are alive like no other. And not only has a dead thing come to life… but a useless thing has become useful. Your potential for significance skyrockets… The Spirit fills you with things the Bible calls ‘fruit’ and ‘gifts.’ You and I can live these and use these to change the world around us into the heaven on earth that God intends.

So to where else is Jesus the way? I’m sure I haven’t presented all of the biblical perspective. Where is He taking you?