A truly multi-ethnic church.

As many of you know, I have spent my time this week with friends, pastors and other church leaders at a conference with the Evangelical Covenant Church. I love this group of leaders dearly and learn from them regularly. They are God’s instrument of encouragement and challenge in my life in many ways. And I will never be the same because of them. (And that’s a very good thing.)

One of the realities of this group of friends is multi-ethnicity. This week I have eaten, worshipped, prayed and fellowshipped with fellow pastors and church planters who are of Asian decent, African decent, European decent and Hispanic decent. All the colors of the rainbow have truly been represented. And I have been blessed.

It is certainly my hope that those of us who are part of Four Rivers Covenant Church in Western Kentucky will continue to see this type of multi-ethnic congregation develop locally. At this time we have people representing many different ethnic and religious heritages. We are certainly a diverse group. We are also diverse socio-economically. Regardless of who you are or where you have been… we want you.

With this being true, we are still primarily a crowd of middle class white folks… of which I am one. And it is my hope and vision that we will reach more and more middle class white folks. But not only middle class white folks. Our worship space in Paducah is surrounded by communities of various types of people groups. And I hope we connect with all of them.

With campuses in Paducah and Calvert City we have the opportunity to be a church that is urban and rural, white and black, asian and hispanic, rich and poor. (Just like heaven will be.)

And for me that is very exciting.

Tonight I sang a worship song with a few thousand others completely in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish. And most likely, neither do 80% of the people in the room tonight. But we worshipped. And our hispanic brothers and sisters finally got to be the majority for a moment. And I was so excited to see it.

I know I may be more open to diversity than many. I’m wondering how you feel about it. And if you are excited about it, how can you help us become more and more of an multi-ethnic congregation?