Let Me Introduce You To MMA Fighter Vitor Belfort

Success. High Expectations. Defeat. Doubt. Personal Turmoil. Injury. Family Tragedy. These have all be a regular part of the life of Vitor Belfort over the past 10 or so years. Most people know Vitor as a streak-ridden MMA powerhouse who, when he is on, has the fastest hands in fighting. Some know him as a man who has buckled under pressure a few times in his career. Most feel as if they don’t really know who Vitor is… and are hoping that they learn more this Saturday night.

He was originally known as Victor Gracie, quasi adopted son of Carlson Gracie. But using the family name didn’t work well for Vitor and he wasn’t accepted as a Gracie by many others in the family. So just in time for his UFC debut, he was introduced as Vitor Belfort. His life has been tumultuous and very, very interesting. The struggles he has overcome and the pain he has endured is immense. It is enough to make anyone desire to be a Vitor fan.

I cannot tell you how excited I am for the Middle Weight Championship fight this weekend. Two of the best middle weights in the history of MMA will compete to decide who really is the best. And I’ve had a very hard time making my pick. It looks like most of the ‘experts’ are giving a slight edge to the champ Anderson Silva, especially after the stare down today at the UFC press conference that can be viewed right here on cagepages.com. But I am giving the edge to Vitor.

I am giving him this edge because I believe he has finally dealt with the doubt and internal struggle that has haunted him for much of his career. And if I’m right, we will see the crowning of a new Middle Weight Champ this Saturday night. If you would like to know why I think Vitor is finally level… watch the video below. It shows Vitor Belfort in a completely different light. I hope it helphoto courtesy of mmabay.com


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