The Church Planter I Coach, Love, Respect & Expect Great Things From

Have I introduced you to Eddie Poole? Eddie, his wife Marla and their 5 kids live in Mount Juliet, Tennessee and are planting in that town. They began a little over a year ago with a small core group and have blossomed into about 75 people as of late. We hope to see this new congregation break 125 average attendees this year with sites on some pretty amazing things down the road.

I spent the week in Chicago with Eddie at a theology/missions conference and am even more impressed with him than when we first got to know each other. I’m asking all of my friends to be in prayer for this new congregation. And for those of you from Four Rivers, this is one of the primary extensions of our ministry. If you love 4RC, please love as well. Pray for them, when you are in Nashville worship with them & basically be supportive in any way you can.

I would love to see us organize some short term mission trips to go down and help them share the love of Jesus with their communities.

If you would, I’d love it if you would share supportive things with Eddie on the blog. Or connect with him on FaceBook, Twitter or at

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