Possession Obession

Today’s post comes to us by way of Dalen Keys through Christian Devotions.us. Dalen has a great message for all of us to hear…

 Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed: a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. Luke 12:15 (NIV)

I’d never heard of The Simple Way in Philadelphia but my daughter who was away at college certainly had. The phone couldn’t mask her excitement as she said, “Dad, you’ll love them. They serve their inner city community and they’re reaching people for Christ. They really live a simple life and don’t have a bunch of material stuff. I’d love to attend their open house but I won’t be home for Christmas break yet.”

I hopped on the computer to check out this group. As I read about them, I almost couldn’t believe they were true. I became increasingly interested in attending the open house myself. So, after much thought, my wife and I drove up to the Kensington district of Philadelphia to attend the open house at The Simple Way. As we grew nearer, my wife said, “Have you noticed the street names? They’re the ones mentioned on the nightly news; you know, for the murders.” I made sure the car doors were locked.

We stepped gratefully off the tough street into a very plain row house as other people from the neighborhood began to arrive. Some clearly came just for something to eat while others needed some warmth and shelter for a few hours. Others, we found out, were in recovery programs and my mouth hung open as I listened to their stories. Most were shocking. They were all so thankful for God’s touch. I grew increasingly ashamed of my easy life. I wasn’t sure how a middle class, middle aged, white guy had landed in this place, but I was glad to be here.

When we left that night, we were unable to express what we had experienced. I couldn’t help but reflect on my life. I have a large house, plenty of food, multiple cars, lawn service, televisions in most rooms, and new furniture in rooms which I haven’t even sat in. How different from The Simple Way.

There is nothing wrong with possessions, but I cannot allow myself to be defined by all my stuff. Rather, I must be defined by what I do with my stuff. The way is simple; I need to serve God with my stuff.

God caused my increase, not me. He’s a good and generous God and He expects us to use our wisdom with His provision. He expects us to share the grace. Look at your provisions and ask yourself; “Am I grateful? Do I share? Am I living life the Simple Way?”

Dear Lord, teach me to better use the possessions you have given me for your glory.

Dalen Keys proclaimed firmly that he would never write a children’s picture book and certainly nothing about quilting, but God had other intensions. His first book, a children’s picture book titled Just A Quilt was published in February 2009. Dalen thrives in the creativity environment of science and technology and he loves being a technology manager at DuPont. He lives in Landenberg, PA with his quilter wife who often smirks as they travel quilting events that he has scheduled. They have three children, one grandchild, three dogs and far too much fabric around the house. Dalen can be contacted at dkeystone@comcast.net Read Dalen’s devotions
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(used by permission of Christian Devotions Ministries)

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