4RC… Do you have a teenager? Care about youth ministry?

This letter is from my friend Roger Palmer. Roger was at one time the most well thought of youth pastor in Western Kentucky when he served at Paducah First Baptist Church. During that time Roger set in motion many things that have helped to forge the realities of good youth ministry in the Paducah area. Now Roger serves with http://www.Reach-Out.org as a communicator and teacher. And we will be hosting a youth ministry conference here at 4RC to learn from him. Many churches will converge to this conference. Our hope is to begin a wave of creative and effective youth ministry in Western Kentucky. I hope you plan to be there.

From Roger:

Hey Everyone,

What could I say that would convince you to open the link below and follow through on it?

We have a Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum scheduled for April 30, 2011 hosted by Four Rivers Covenant Church. Check out this good word on the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum:

The Forum was AWESOME! It was the best money I have ever spent in ministry! It has reset my ministry and given me a burning clarity and vision. I am so excited to work on my plan of action.
-Corey Auger, Youth Minister

At the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum your entire younger generation ministry team will pursue a shared vision, gain greater motivation and discover practical tools for reaching and discipling the younger generation. The depth of your relationship with Christ and your perspective on how you do ministry will change dramatically by participating in the Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry Forum.

If you don’t attend you will kick yourself while repeating, “Why did I miss this experience with my team?” J

Lunch will be at the host location.

Call or email me or Tessa Brown, who is the Administrative Director at Four Rivers Covenant Church, if we can answer any questions.

Roger Palmer
Phone: 678-699-2071

Tessa Brown
Phone: 270-444-6598
Website: http://www.fourriverschurch.com

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