How Do We Accomplish Our Mission?

The answer to this question comes in two parts.

For the first part, take another look at yesterday’s post. What do you think is the key word in the Great Commission? In my opinion it’s the word “go.” If we don’t take the first step to go, we will never fulfill the remainder of our mission. 

But go where? To the hungry. To the homeless. To the prostitute. To the drug addict. To the un-churched. To the lonely. To the shut-in. To anywhere there is a need to be met. Christ’s example to us was to meet the need where he found it. Not once did he require the need to find him. And we have been charged to follow his example by being Christ’s ambassador to those in need.

This “go and be” approach stands in stark contrast to the traditional “come and see” approach American Christianity is much more comfortable with today. But it is the church’s responsibility to go into the world rather than the world’s good fortune to stumble into the church.

This is the authority Christ gave us in the Great Commission—the authority to “go.” 

Tomorrow we’ll discuss the second part of the answer to how we accomplish our mission. 

Live The Mission,