Racing The Wrong Way

Have a look at this unfortunate marathon runner in Japan:

How can you not feel sorry for this poor guy? In order to be in 1st place at the end of a marathon he must have devoted much of his life to training every day, eating a special diet, and depriving himself of many of the luxuries most others allow. Yet when he is mere yards from winning the race, he loses sight of the goal, takes a wrong turn, and didn’t realize it until it was too late. All because he became distracted by focusing on something unrelated to his goal. Even though he was still running, his mistake took him out of the race.

As Christians, we can easily do the same thing. We can train hard, try to do what is expected of us, even obey where we are supposed to obey. Yet if we lose our focus and become distracted in from accomplishing our mission, all that effort comes up short.

In fact, Satan would like nothing better than to have us lose our focus. If he can’t prevent us from being Christian, then the next best thing for him is prevent us from accomplishing our mission of making more Christians. If we allow him to divert our resources, finances, talents, time, and energy in any direction other than our mission, he will.

How will he try this? Over the next few posts we’ll explore three of what I believe are Satan’s most popular distractions he uses against Christians. The reason I know they exist is because over time, I’ve discovered them operating in my life. Who knows? Maybe while reading these posts, you’ll see something familiar in yours too.

Tomorrow…the distraction of our own need.

Live The Mission,