It’s Hard to Believe

Jesus commanded Peter to come to him. Peter walked on water.

God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham laid him on the altar but sacrificed a ram God provided.

God commanded Gideon to meet the entire Midian army with only 300 men. Gideon destroyed the Midians.

God commanded Noah to build an ark. Noah’s family escaped the flood.

Jesus commanded his disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Comforter. The day he came, the disciples led 3,000 people to Christ.

All of these are great acts of great followers of God. If we dwell on their accomplishments, we may be tempted to think the reason they did what they did was because of their great belief and faith.

I won’t argue against that thought, but it seems to me most of them obeyed without knowing what to believe. Perhaps this means their great acts were accomplished through obedience to the command more than belief in what would happen. Maybe God used their obedience to grow great faith instead of using their faith to inspire obedience. After all, it was only after they stepped out in obedience that they could know how God would move.

Once Peter obeyed, it was easy to believe all things were possible through Jesus. Once Abraham obeyed, it was easy to believe in God’s deliverance and provision. Once Gideon obeyed, it was easy to believe one could chase a thousand and two could chase ten thousand. Once Noah obeyed, it was easy to believe in God’s promises. Once the disciples obeyed, it was easy to believe in their Mission.

Are you praying for more faith? My advice is to search out what has God commanded of you and obey. You will be astounded at what you will believe.

Live The Mission,