Your Worst Opportunity

You know, it’s strange how certain post ideas come to me sometimes. The one I’m going to share with you today came to me from reading a business/marketing blog from Seth Godin. He was the VP of Marketing for Yahoo and founded which is a very successful website allowing people to publish webpages about anything they are passionate about.

He posted something on his blog the other day that caught my attention. It was meant to relate to the business world but I couldn’t help but let the scope of its boundaries extend into my Christian life. I’ve posted it in its entirety below.

The worst moments are your best opportunity.

That’s how we judge you and how we remember you.

You are presumed to be showing us your real self when you are on deadline, have a headache, are facing a customer service meltdown, haven’t had a good night’s sleep, are facing an ethical dilemma, are momentarily in power, are caught doing something when you thought no one else was looking, are irritable, have the opportunity to extract revenge, are losing a competition or are truly overwhelmed.

What a great opportunity to tell the story you’d like us to hear about you.

How can we apply this to our Christian lives? What story are we telling others about ourselves during our worst moments? What are we telling others about Christ in us? What opportunities for grace or growth are we given when our worst moments come our way? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Live The Mission,