True Value

So how did I come about the all too obvious (since Jesus said it) conclusion that both the Greatest Commandments really are the greatest? It all came together while reflecting one day on what it is people value.

You see, some people value their jobs. Others their possessions. Still others value their money, their relationships, or even their social status. But no matter what it is, if a person truly does value something, they will do whatever it takes to protect and nurture it. This could be anything from being the best at their job, to sleeping with the boss, to stabbing a rival in the back, to accepting the very bad influence of others in their lives.

So in a sense, the thing a person values most exerts some degree of control over that person. The more a person values something, the more they are a slave to it.

And this is precisely where we can get into trouble. Jobs disappear. Possessions are lost. Relationships sour. And if these are the things I value or love most in my life, then what happens to me when the thing I love is taken away? Chaos. Fear. Anger. Despair.

But what if that one thing I value most is God? What if everything on Earth ranks below him in terms of my love? What if I do truly love him with all my heart, soul, and mind? If this is the case then I become a slave to him. He controls my life.

The best part about having God in control of my life is he never changes. God won’t lay me off. He won’t leave me for another. He knows what I need before I ask. And he loved me before I was ever born.

For the person who loves God with everything they are, their life becomes something the world can only marvel at. They are steady, stable, rock-solid, secure, immovable, unflappable, and resolute. Nothing can shake them because their life’s foundation is sunk into the Rock of Ages. The one thing they value most is the only thing worthy of being valued and nothing can rattle its foundation.

Once again, Jesus was right. The Greatest Commandment of loving God with everything you are truly is on equal footing in power to loving others as yourself.

Returning to my March Madness metaphor from yesterday’s post, loving God is the greatest defensive strategy you can have in the game of life. When God is what you value most, any opponent that comes against you is hopelessly outmatched and outclassed. It can not prevail.

Next Post — what happens when we marry the greatest defense with the greatest offense?

Live The Mission,