Cut The Nets

Yesterday we described the first Greatest Commandment of loving God with all one’s heart, soul, and mind as the greatest defense anyone could have. But if this is true, then the second Greatest Commandment, loving others as yourself, must be the greatest offense anyone could have.

So what would happen if we merge the two Greatest Commandments? What do you get when you cross the greatest defense found in wholly loving God with the greatest offense represented by the power of Christ’s agape love? What does it look like for a Christian to keep both of these commandments at the same time?

It looks like someone against whom the very gates of hell cannot prevail and who can do all things through Christ.

It looks like a tree planted by the water whose branches hang low with fruit to nourish the hungry.

It looks like someone who builds their house upon the rock, then after a flood helps their neighbor rebuild his house built on the sand.

It looks like a warrior clad in the armor of God achieving greater things than Christ did while on Earth.

It looks like an immovable object wielding an irresistible force.

With a love for God, there is no force of hell that can threaten you. And with Christ’s love for others, there is no force of hell you can’t threaten. 

What happens when you combine the greatest defense with the greatest offense? You cut down the nets! (Sorry, but it’s still March Madness!) 

Live The Mission,