Headed to the LIT conference tomorrow

I’ll be up bright and early in the A.M. Zack Bishop and I are headed to a leadership development conference in Nashville for the day.

The LIT conference is going to be really amazing. My friend and pastoral example of how to so things right, Pete Wilson will be there. His church is hosting the event.

Pete is a bit of a ‘Rock Star’ in Nashville. He planted a church that grew like crazy… and I mean crazy. In only a few short years. He’s been in a Taylor Swift video. And several of our church River Groups have used his book ‘Plan B’ and other literature by Pete as their content for study.

And through all of the success… Pete has remained humble and real. I’m impressed.

Tomorrow will be a great day for me… and hopefully for Four Rivers.

Pray for us.

We hope to come home with some smashing ideas for lighting and tech to top off all the great stuff Zack has already installed in the new Paducah facility.

When we are able to move in that place… It’s going to be revolutionary & seriously cool for the church. It’s coming soon…