The Short Story

I saw an interesting report on the news recently. Seems as though many food producers have decided to cope with the poor economy not by raising prices but instead by putting less product in their packaging. In my book, that’s pretty much the same thing as raising prices, it just doesn’t look as bad. If I have to buy more cereal boxes because my cereal runs out faster than it used to, I’m still paying more for my cereal. Honestly, that kinda ticks me off.

But don’t we sometimes do the same thing to God? When times are hard, when I have little time at all, or even when it’s just plain inconvenient I admit I’ve been guilty of putting less of me in the package I give him. Whether it’s finances, effort, or talent, I often catch myself being tempted to hold back part of me. What’s worse is when I do this, I still expect the same amount of blessing from God upon my life. So in essence, I charge him more for less.

If I don’t like it when a food conglomerate shorts me on what I get from them, I wonder how God feels when I do the same thing to him. Does it make him angry like me? Probably not. For the God who own the cattle on a thousand hills, it’s not my resources he needs.

Rather it’s my obedience he craves. It’s my obedience that demonstrates his importance to me. It’s my obedience that shows I trust in his provision. It’s my obedience that makes our relationship grow. And it’s my obedience that makes an impact on those around me.

So how does he feel when I hold back? I think he’s disappointed at the missed opportunities and sad I’m  short-changing myself.

How much of you is in God’s cereal box?

Live The Mission,