Questions & Answers…

I’ve recently been focusing on the relationship between questions and answers in my life.

Honestly, most of my life has been about answers. I wanted to know the answer. My father was a mathematician. I think somewhat mathematically. So… I like what is on the right side of the equal sign.

But the longer I live… the most I find that life is more about questions than answers.

There are so many unanswered questions.

And at the same time. As a Christian leader, I feel stressed to provide answers for all of the questions that people bring me.

And when I look around, I tend to see Christian heritages & perspectives that seem to come across like they have all the answers.

The problem is… I think that in our dedication to the answers… we have forgotten about the questions.

Other people are asking questions. They are seeking answers. And we think that because we have answers… that should be enough.

But honestly… we tend to jump straight to the answers. And we have stopped valuing the question itself.

I think I have missed out over time on valuing the hurt, the pain, the struggle that is not found in the answer… but the question.

For instance…

Why was my dream shattered? How am I supposed to feel now that my wife left? How can I go on without my job? How is a parent to deal with outliving their child? Could a good God really let this happen?

These are painful questions. And if we provide quick and easy answers to hard and difficult questions… we will connect with no one.

Lets join in the struggle. Lets ask the hard questions. Lets value the doubt that exists in all of us. And lets find the God who will come to our questions and our pain with His love.

Plan B Starts Soon! Be there.