OK . I was going to try to write a semi-humorous post about the language Christians (especially ones that have been Christian for a while) speak to each other. So I started cruising the internet trying to find some blasts-from-the-past that I thought might be half-way fun to remember–stuff like WWJD and the like.

Well after hitting a few sites it became painfully clear there’s some very strong negative feelings about Christian buzz-words out there from both Christians and non-Christians alike. It was pretty incredible some of the things that were said on several Christian blogs. So I figured maybe I ought to play it safe and not dive too far down that rabbit hole.

But no matter what how you feel about Christian buzz-words past or present, Jesus gave us the example of the language we should be speaking. And go figure, it’s not Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, English, or even Christianese.

It’s love. This is the language of Christ’s example. And it’s spoken most clearly in the dialects of help, comfort, compassion, and acceptance. When we speak this language to anyone outside of Christ, we do way more than communicate the current theological notion of the moment. We literally extend Christ to them in a way they can understand. 

It seems we have been way more fluent in Christianese than in the language of Christ. Trying to research Christian pop-language showed me that. Anytime we push Christian theology ahead of Christ’s love, at best we come across as shallow and insincere and at worst we freak-out whomever we’re talking to.

How about you? Are you fluent in Christ’s native language?

Live The Mission,