Believe or Control

Believe God or Control the situation. These are the choices we face when are dreams are shattered as Brad spoke about during the opening of his new series “Plan B.” 

The example he used was when David thought his dream of becoming king was in trouble. Instead of trusting God, he took matters into his own hand. Under false pretenses he went to the priests of Nob and took the sword of Goliath. The result: Saul slaughtered the priests who lived there along with their families because he thought they were helping David commit rebellion.

There’s been a similar situation this week in the news. In a mock trial, the pastor of a Florida church tried, convicted, and “executed” a Qu’ran by burning it. The result: at least 20 people killed and scores others injured through protests in Muslim countries. And the reverberations are sure to continue in Muslim hearts and minds everywhere.

Perhaps it’s best to trust God instead of stepping in to “help” him when things aren’t going the way we think they should.

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