Slam The Door

What does it mean to slam a door? It could mean “I am never walking through that door again.” Or it might mean “I am not allowing whatever is on the other side to come near me.” Either way it represents a total, complete, and conscious separation from something.

Which could be a good thing. Especially if the door is being slammed on something like a sin, an addiction, or a bad influence in your life. That’s the time you want, you need, the separation a slammed door provides. It says “this situation no longer has control over my life and I am never returning to it.”

But what if we slam the door on something good–something like an unwanted opportunity? God has given us each unique abilities and talents in order for us to further his kingdom. He also gives us the opportunity to use them.  

Many times we are afraid of that opportunity and don’t want any part of it when it comes our way. To take the opportunity would mean to extend ourselves, to put out some measure of effort, or to journey out of our comfort zone. So we slam a door.

But this is dangerous. The slammed door represents separation from the skills God has designed into our lives and from his plan for us to use them. When out of fear or stubbornness we slam the door to God’s opportunity to use those skills we tell God the same thing we tell our sin – “You have no control over my life and I am never doing what you want me to do.” 

His opportunities are unique to your skills. So take care the door you slam doesn’t separate you from the opportunity God provides. Jonah tried this once—but only once! 

Live The Mission,