Apples and Cinder Blocks

Recently I’ve been reading a book about the role of introverts in the Church. Why? Because I’m an introvert–this is the way God made me. Not that it’s good or bad or anything like that. It’s just who I am. And realizing who I am allows me to bring my own talents (talents extroverts may not have) to the table to be used by God. By the same token, I hope extroverts do the same thing with the talents they possess that I don’t have.

So why would I possibly compare the things I can do to the things a total extrovert can do? It would be like comparing apples and cinder blocks—there’s no basis for comparison.  

Still, I find this happens often in the Church. How many times have we thought, “This person has the gift of (insert any talent). I could never do that.” Or, “So-and-so can really (insert any skill). I wish I could do that.” 

The truth is that in some way, we are all as different from each other as apples are from cinder blocks. We are made differently and for different purposes. So trying to compare the two is not only difficult, it’s actually irrelevant.  

The next time you are in awe of a talent or skill someone else demonstrates in the church, do yourself a favor and don’t compare yourself to them. Unless you have the exact same gifting, you will always come out disappointed.  

Instead, know this: the reason you are different from someone else is because God has a job he wants you to do that the other person cannot. Find that job then do it with all the skill and talent God gave you. Let them be in awe of you. 

Live The Mission,