Live the Mission

Hey friends,

This email was from Debbie Dean of the 4RC Paducah campus. This is what we mean by ‘Living The Mission…”

From: Debbie streetman []

Ok, ladies and gentleman, I am in need of some help. I am working with Stephanie Daniel, of Beyond the Gate Ministry,better known as “tent city.” After seeing a stroy on channel 6 news about the Salvation Army sending couples and people with children to live in the woods in tent city. Oh my goodness, can i tell you how heartbroken I was when i read this, I knew that i needed to do something to help.

I contacted Stephanie and thank the Lord the couple with the children andone on the way has a place to go, however, a young couple has no where to go and I am giving them a place until a shelter opens up.

Here in lies the problem, I have the room for them to stay but i am not sure how much i can provide for other things. They are going to be in need of clothing and food. I am also in the process of trying to find the man a job and helping the lady to get her GED and maybe a job also.

We need air matresses, blankets, food and toiletries and anything else that will make them comfortable. i feel that God has led me to do this and I am going to be my part of the body of christ.

If there is anyway you can help out please let me know. I am going to talk to them tomorrow and get them to come home with us, as long as that is something they want to do. I wanted to email with this information as soon as possible so if you can help you can email me back.

Thanks for any help you can be and remember we are all part of the body of Christ and need to help out.