The Leadership / Management Conversation

Do you know the difference between leadership and management?

Well, let me preface this with the realization that what I’m about to write are my interpretations and uses of the two concepts. I hope this is helpful.

Leadership isn’t management. But Leadership requires management in most cases.

Leaders are typically more concerned with intangible things… ie., emotions, motives, intimidating factors, big picture, emotional challenges & setbacks, the feeling of success, devotion, teamwork based relationships, crisis moments and motivational focus. Leaders are typically focused on the ‘why’ of accomplishments.

Managers are typically interested in the facts… ie., details, mission statements, organizational structure, strategy plans, budgets and bottom lines. They are also usually more focused on the ‘how’s’ of accomplishment…

Any group of people with a common goal need leaders and managers. One without the other tend to fail long term.


In the short term…

Leaders can motivate people to accomplish a lot in short spurts… Good leaders tend to lead from one short spurt to another.

Managers help them accomplish big spurts of progress when they begin to strategically tie many short spurts together for one greater goal.

But management without leadership usually becomes stagnation.

Leadership without management usually has very little long term effectiveness.

We must find ways to work together…