The Best Bible?

While in college I lead one of the small groups of the campus ministry I was involved with. The group was all guys (not sure I would call us men at this point) and we came from very traditional church backgrounds with traditional views held close to our hearts.

We even came up with a tongue-in-cheek nickname for our group – the King James Society or KJS for short. I can’t remember if this was a take off of the movie Dead Poets Society or not, but regardless this little nickname spoke volumes about what we valued. We were well known for believing the KJV version of the Bible was the “Bible of Bibles.”

I’d like to think I’ve matured a bit since my college days (not that liking the KJV is immature–just my fanatically intolerant view of other translations was). Now I like a wide range of versions. The KJV is still the one my mind goes to when thinking of a verse because I learned them that way. But now I prefer to use the NLT, NIV, HCSB or the ESV and from time to time even the NASB and Message.

What Bible version(s) do you prefer? 

 Live The Mission,