Why 1000

Check out the page link above and to the right side for the schedule of all 11 gatherings hosted by Four Rivers during Easter week. We will be meeting in Paducah, Calvert City, Eddyville, LaCenter & Metropolis, Ill.

You may have heard recently that I believe God is willing to use Four Rivers Church to connect with 1000 people this Easter season.

If you are a part of 4RC or are in some way ‘in the know’ about the church, you probably know that our average participation attendance is about 450-500. Which seems to make 1000 people seem a bit lofty. That I will quickly admit…

But as a church, we reach about 700 different people every month. And in our busy world that translates into a 550-600 regular weekly average attendance.

We also have been blessed with a solid reputation among those who do not attend any worship or church gathering. And it is on that demographic that I keep my primary focus.

Easter is one of those times of the year when people are more open to church. A solid percentage of our culture seek out a church during the Easter season as a part of their cultural holiday. And I believe this is a good thing. In fact, it’s a God thing.

This year I’m asking the people of Four Rivers to serve more readily and invite more actively than ever before. And in preparation of planting a few new campuses later in the year, we will actually hold worship gatherings in 3 new towns this Easter season.

This is without a doubt the first step to planting a few new 4RC campuses.


God is about to use us to reach the most people ever at a 4RC group of gatherings. In fact, the new high will be far above our highest attendance ever.

This should do a few things…

1. Affect our identity. By showing us what God can and will do with us when we devote ourselves to His Will.

2. Raise our goals and expectations. Over the past few years, as we have grown, it has become too easy to stop inviting and pray less. Many of us feel less intimidated and thus, less dependent on the power of God. God is about to once again give us a BIG vision for the future. So BiG that it requires Him to accomplish it.

3. Save many souls. I believe that we will see grace and mercy at a very active level among us. Many people will give their lives to Christ this Easter season.

4. We are going to have a new love and devotion to what God is doing in us… Just participate, give yourself to God’s plan and watch and see.