Every time… it happens. Every single time that someone calls me up on the phone with a great request for dinner, a night out at a movie or a quick trip to Nashville…

My wife Stephanie says it… It’s the one statement that she always says. Just as I’m getting off of the phone, about to hang up.. she yells out, “As if I can BRING something….”

She loves to bring something.

In fact, I don’t think it really counts as ‘going’ if you don’t ‘bring’ something in her mind.

‘Bringing something’ is her way of saying, “I’m fully here. I’m committed, reliable and excited about what is happening.”

And that brings me to next weeks gargantuan, huge, large and also very big goal of reaching 1000 people in 11 gatherings which will meet in 5 different cities.

I’ve had countless numbers of people who regularly attend 4RC worship gatherings ask me which one they should ‘go to.’

Here is my answer.

I’m not asking you to go to any of them. I’m assuming that we will all ‘go’ to at least one of the worship gatherings. If you normally ‘go’ on Sundays, then you should probably just ‘go’ on Sunday. That will be the largest and probably most energetic crowd.

The 4 normal weekly Sunday morning worship gatherings are things that many people regularly ‘go’ to.

I’m asking you to ‘bring’ to a few of them. When we are in LaCenter… ask your self, pray about whether or not you have anyone you know in LaCenter who needs to connect to a church. And then set something up so that you can ‘bring’ them.

The same is true for Metropolis, Eddyville or even the Wednesday or Saturday evening gatherings at Paducah and Calvert City.

We are going to become a group of people who ‘bring’ to church instead of just ‘go’ to church.

make sense

My hope and prayer is that we will ultimately grow in 3 areas.

1. We will grow as a praying church. This task is far above us. We ourselves cannot bring 1000 people to a worship gathering this Easter season. But we can pray. And then we can bring. And together, we can along side of Jesus, accomplish the task that He sent us on.

2. We will grow in our ‘bringing’ atmosphere. 4RC is a church that you bring people to. We work hard to guarantee that people will feel welcome, wanted and positive about our gatherings. So bring one bring all. Bring your drunk uncle, your loud coworker, your pagan cousin, your scary cat lady neighbor… bring that guy who cusses at the umpires at T-Ball games.

Bring that guy.

And also bring your unchurched doctor, nurse, dentist, chiropractor, grocery bag boy, favorite neighbor, coworker, family member or friend.

Bring them too.

If we bring ourselves and we bring at least one more person for each regular attendee at 4RC… we will see 1000 people worship Christ this Easter season at a 4RC gathering.

Can you imagine the impact that could have on this region? Can you?

Can you imagine the impact that will have on you… on us as a church…

And that brings me to the third area where I think we will grow.

3. We will grow in our faith in God and love for His Church. After this Easter season you are going to see this whole thing differently. No more woe is me. No more ‘I like my little church.’ No more ‘we could never do that?’ No more ‘that dream is too big for us or for God.’

That all changes next week. When God blows the socks off of your and my expectations.

So this week… lets pray, trust and then next week… lets bring people to one, two, three, four of the 4RC worship gatherings offered from Tuesday evening till Sunday morning.

The full Easter schedule is listed as a page on this website above. Check it out. Be there. Bring there. Pray now.