How To Boil Water

We have a countertop range in our kitchen. This leaves room in the cabinet below it to store pots, pans and other whatnots.  

Now I’m not the greatest cook in the world, but it seems to me if I want to boil water with this range, I basically have two choices:  

1) I can place a pot of water in the cabinet below the range, turn the range burners on high, and wait for them to warm the room (along with the pot) up to boiling, or
2) I can place a pot of water on top of one of the burners, turn it on high, and wait for the water to boil. 

The first choice is incredibly inefficient not to mention impossible. The change I want in the water will never happen this way. But the second choice is much more practical—the water will change quickly and soon come to a boil. 

As crazy as it sounds to analyze the options for boiling water, it perfectly describes the relationship between leadership and service. 

Placing the burner above the pot is like trying to make change through a position of authority. People who do this take a position over what it is they want to change and then begin expending energy. But very little of their power, energy, and effort reaches what they want to influence. Yes, their hearts and motives are in the right spot, but their efforts are not. They only produce hot air with very little change in the water.  

But placing the burner under the pot is like the one who serves others to bring about change. They position themselves under what they want to influence. All their power and energy is focused directly into serving those they want to change. Once in contact with this servant influence, the water quickly begins to roil.  

This is the difference between saying “I’m here to change the world,” and “I’m here to serve.” It’s the difference between the world’s model of service through leadership and Christ’s model of leadership through service. It’s the difference between making hot air and boiling water. 

Making hot air is easy. But do you know how to boil water? 

Live The Mission,