So how does Four Rivers Church reach 1000 people?

Ever since I cast the vision of reaching 1000 people through the Easter season, I’ve had a solid line of questions ultimately asking, “How in the world are we going to do that?”

Here is how…

1. First and formost, this is about God. We are not going to go out and reach 1000 people ‘for’ God. We are going to reach 1000 people ‘with’ God.

In other words, when this is all said and done, reaching this many people will be something that He did through and in us.

And although the target seems to be external… Reaching 1000 people in a church of 500 people… I believe the biggest goal here is ‘internal.’

God is going to build your faith ad capacity for BIG vision. God is going to make us less intimidated and more bold. That’s all ‘in’ us.

He will do this by reaching a huge number of people through us. But the ultimate greatest value next week will not be what happens through us… It will be what happens in us. So be open to being changed internally by Jesus.

2. Secondly, we are going to join why He is doing by 3 ultimate things.

A. Pray. Pray like it all depends on Him. Ultimately it does. Without a move of God it will not happen. Let’s be a prayerful people. Surprise yourself, your spouse, your friends, etc by how much you pray for this.

B. Bring. Consider who you know and have connection with that is unchurched. Think an pray about bringing them. And then do it. Invite, cast vision, encourage, be excited… Let’s bring hundreds of people to these gatherings. You may personally end upcoming to 2 or 3 gatherings because of all the folks you bring.

Use email, Facebook, twitter, snail mail, corded rotary phones, yell over the fence, share at the work coffee pot…

Whatever you have to do to join God through inviting and bringing…

We will offer some support with radio ads and invite cards.

C. Serve. This Sunday you will hear all about how you can serve. Just do what you can willingly.

That’s how Four Rivers reaches 1000 people through the Easter season.