Waiting on God

People are forced to do it all the time.

Parents with kids have to do it.
Husbands with wives have to do it.
Wives with husbands definitely have to do it.

Family members of the sick have to do it.
Cancer patients have to do it.

So much depends on it.
So much happens while you do it.
So much changes in us while it happens to us.

I’m writing about waiting on God to do what we hope He will do.

Have you ever been told ‘not yet’ when you were praying for ‘right now?’

Sometimes when God says ‘not yet’ we assume that He must be saying ‘no!’…

Have you ever had a moment when although you weren’t questioning God’s power… you were questioning His timing?

But you would be amazed by what happens when we wait on God.

This Sunday I’ll be teaching the third week of Plan B… This is the same teaching that will be utilized at many of our gatherings next week and at the Lakes Campus on Easter Sunday.

The disciples waited as Jesus was in the tomb.

Some of them gave up.

But they were surprised when they realized what God does in their lives when they wait on Him.