Are you a daddy? (Homeless Ministry)

I just had to repost this. With all that is going on in and around our church with ministry to the homeless… I had to share it.


Sitting at a table at the local homeless shelters park, a mother with 3 children asked for prayer. After praying one of her sons came over to me, he looked looked me in the eyes and asked me “are you a daddy?” I answered yes.

His next words touched deep in to my soul. He asked me if i could love hug him like a daddy would? I looked to the mother and she had tears she nodded yes. I reached out and placed him in front of me on my lap and wrapped my arms around him.

I can’t tell you any more of a reason why I am a minister, I too remember that daddy’s come to the park and give love hugs.

Bruce Aspgren
Caldwell, Texas