Easter week so far…

If you aren’t aware… Four Rivers, the church I pastor, is holding 11 gatherings in 5 different cities this Easter Season. This is interesting because we normally do 4 gatherings in 2 cities. What a RUSH this week.

Here is an update on the first three gatherings.

Well, our gathering in LaCenter on Tuesday evening went very well. A team of 4 men were able to set the room up in style in about an hour. Then a few others came and prepared the final details.

34 people which included about 15 who live in or around Ballard County attended. The night was a lot of fun. We had a blast meeting one another, worshiping God and learning from the Scriptures.

In my opinion we had 3 great measurable successes that night.

1. We showed that we can do it. God worked so wonderfully through a small group of volunteers who were able to handle all of the logistics of this style gathering.

2. We were able to quickly recognize that it works. People engaged in worship, had a great time meeting one another, began to develop valuable relationships and grew closer to Christ. Decisions were made. And good boundaries were crossed from both spiritual and relational perspectives.

3. Several of the men from Lifeline ministries who also live in or around Ballard County were very motivated. I believe that God imparted some vision to these men. I have no doubt that God will use them to change the fate of many of their family and friends. There is a lot of beauty and strength in these men. And seeing them realize how valuable they were to the whole plan was my favorite part of the night.

In Paducah & Calvert City we saw a great attendance and attitude of worship and love for people. We had between 60-70 people at both campuses. The percentage of guests to regulars was much higher than even it is normally on Sundays. It was obvious that our people have been inviting and bringing their friends and family. And I was blessed by this reality.

I personally was in Paducah and believe that we will be starting a Wednesday night gathering on a regular basis very soon. If you were in Paducah last night and would like to be a part of helping start something there permanently on Wednesdays… let me know. It would be a big step forward missionally for the church.