Western KY Trees

Here’s a dumb question: Remember the ice storm a couple of years ago? Yeah, me too. That storm, along with the remnant of a hurricane that blew through just a couple of months before then, took out every tree in my yard except for two small fruit trees.

Last week I began replanting. I bought some bareroot trees from the Arbor Day Foundation and started digging. If you’ve ever planted one of these trees you know there’s not much to them. They’re pretty much just sticks in the ground I have to consciously avoid while mowing.

I’ll probably never enjoy these trees when they reach maturity. I’m sure we’ll have moved long before then. Since I’ll never really enjoy them the way one truly appreciates a full-grown tree, it would be easy to say “Forget it – let the next owners plant whatever tree they want.”

But instead, I’ve chosen to place my imprint on this property for decades to come. I have planted several trees that someday my kids will be able to drive past and tell their kids “You know, Grandaddy planted those trees here when I was little. Look at them now!” This week I’ve left my mark.

How about you Four Rivers? Are you ready to make your mark on Western Kentucky? God is opening doors for us to reach the people of this area like never before. This week we will reach over 1000 people in this area. But it is only the beginning. It’s up to us if we want to take the time, effort, and opportunity to impact this area. We could leave the work to the next group that God wants to use, or we could grab our shovels and start planting.

Sure the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time is now. It’s time to make your Imprint.

Live The Mission,