Plan A

Did you know God had a Plan A that went wrong? The plan he had for creation in the garden didn’t go the way he wanted. So he resorted to Plan B.

Plan B involved more grief, heartache, pain, and suffering than we can possibly imagine. This plan called for the painful separation of God from his Son. It called for a family broken apart by the ravages of sin. It called for the excruciating agony of death.

But in the end, God’s used Plan B to restore the dreams of Plan A.

We all have experienced the pain of shattered dreams, dashed hopes, and unfulfilled goals. Everyone has the scars of being forced to switch from the hope of Plan A to the reality of Plan B.

But today on Good Friday, know this – God understands the anguish Plan B means to you. He knows the pain and suffering it has brought to your life. And most important, he knows how to make Plan B work. Give it to him on the day we observe God’s Plan B.

Live The Mission,