Help flood victims…

This is from Pastor Caleb Skinner…

Compassion. Acceptance. Truth.

Hey everyone, I hope this finds you doing well, and dry! I am sending out this special edition of 4RC update due to some very specific needs that are taking place this week. Can you help?
· I just got in from hanging out and helping down in Smithland this evening with some of you 4RC people and some folks from Calvary Baptist in Grand Rivers. We filled sandbags and loaded trailers for people as they needed them. I can’t begin to say how awesome it was to serve side by side with other Christians serving out of love for those in need. Everyone did a fantastic job and I was impressed with all of the “selfless service” that was taking place. I just wanted to say, “good job!”
· As the flood waters continue to rise, there is going to be multiple opportunities to serve like this, you didn’t miss out! Stay in touch with the church office and watch for Cov Connection emails and blog posts as well as Facebook updates to see all that Four Rivers is assisting with. It may be more meaningful for you to serve in a group.
· Please be in prayer as I am getting reports that some of the Lakes Attendees are being relocated. If you know of anyone getting moved, let us know. I will post it out to Facebook and see if we can get some help to get them moved. Everyone I know of right now is taken care of.
· Also, be in prayer for all of the people affected by the flooding. This is going to be an unprecedented event.
That’s it for now. Serve if you can. Remember, small things done with great love can change the world! Big Love, Pastor Caleb