About the donations sent to Alabama Tornado Relief…

Hey folks,

This email was sent from Dawn Choate, Four Rivers Navigational Leadership Team Member. She was in charge of taking donations to Nashville in order for our church planter, Eddie Poole who lives and serves there to take them even further to Alabama. She wanted everyone to be aware of all who helped put this together. So here are the details…

Hey guys,

Just so everyone is aware: the donations Jim & I drove down today for AL were actually donated by friends & partners of Christian Fellowship Church in Benton, Christian Community Church in Murray, Healing Hannah ministry, students from West KY Comm & Tech College, and other individuals as well as Four Rivers Church folks. Just want to make sure we let others know it was a joint venture because there were so many generous people who helped. We took roughly 100 cases of water as well as a full flatbed truck and suburban completely loaded with supplies. Eddie will keep us posted if there are any future needs. Thanks for spreading the word & tolerating all my recent posts on your facebook walls! 😉