4RC Paducah Wednesday Night Gathering

So we are doing this new Wednesday Night gathering at the Paducah Campus. We had 35 or so folks the first night… off of little or no publicity.

We will be utilizing this gathering to reach people who find it impossible, difficult or simply not desirable to attend worship on Sundays. There will be a slightly different format than the normal Sunday morning… but for the most part, its a very similar gathering to all of our other 4RC worship experiences. Wednesday nights will actually be the first time that a new sermon is preached. What I teach on Wednesdays will then be utilized again the following Sunday either through live teaching or via video.

I anticipate that there will be a few different types of folks who attend this gathering.

1. People who prefer or need Wednesday night verses Sunday morning. For them this gathering will be their primary if not only worship gathering.

2. People who are going to miss being at 4RC on a Sunday and desire not to miss the experience. Therefore, they might occasionally augment their regular Sunday attendance with Wednesday night attendance. This might include people who are vacationing on the weekends or working some sort of swing shirt work.

3. People who serve heavily on Sundays and need a gathering simply to attend and in which to participate as a worshiper. I think this could be a very healthy way to use the Wednesday night gathering.

4. People who attend a different church on Sundays but would like to participate in some way in 4RC. This would allow them to attend a weekly gathering without having to ‘leave’ their home church family.


So what are your thoughts on the new Wednesday night gathering at Paducah?