River Groups Blog is BACK!

After a couple of months of hiatus, I am starting up the River Groups blog beginning today!

First of all I want to give a sincere “thank you” for allowing me to take a break over the summer. I also want to thank everyone who personally told me they missed this blog and were waiting for it to start back up again. Knowing you’re missed means a lot.

There will be one fairly significant change here at the restart–I don’t plan on trying to post most days of the week. Instead I’m going to shoot for two or maybe three times a week.

Beleive it or not there are a couple of blogging theories floating around cyberspace. One is to have as many posts as possible on your blog site to increase the traffic coming to it. The other is to have fewer posts but of greater quality so the traffic is more likely to want to come back later.

I’ve discovered the first option doesn’t necessarily guarantee more traffic but it almost certainly guarantees burnout at a much faster pace! So I’m going to try the second blogging theory this time. My prayer is for God to give me the ability to write quality posts that will inspire self-examination and fire missional action.

But your feedback will be the only way I know if I’ve met my goal. So don’t be afraid to comment or use the rating tool below each post. Also, if you run across a post you’d like to share you can do so by using the email, Facebook, or Twitter buttons located below each post as well. And don’t forget you can use email subscriptions or RSS feeds located on the right-hand column of the site to keep you updated when a new post is available.

Thanks again for wanting this blog to return. It’s good to be back!

Live The Mission,