Remember Your Lions

Do you remember the last time God came up big for you? Remember when things looked bleak, but couldn’t have turned out better? Or maybe things turned out horrible, but you still grew through the pain, emerging stronger for having gone through the experience. 

These events are our lions.

In Judges 14, we find Samson meeting one of his lions. It sprung out of nowhere intent on tearing Samson limb from limb. But instead of being a lion’s lunch, God enabled Samson to kill the lion with his bare hands. In a moment of certain defeat God handed Samson impossible victory. 

Some time later we find Samson returning to the carcass of the lion he killed. In its remains he discovered bees had built a hive and made honey. Samson ate part of the honey, then took some home for his father and mother to enjoy. 

Do things look bad for you now? Are you at this moment battling a lion intent on your destruction? If so, I challenge you to return to a time in your life when God helped you kill another lion that came against you. Go back to the time when God gave you impossible victory. Immerse your hands in the honey of a past triumph and recall the sweet taste of victory. Then know God is with you as you fight today’s lion, just as he will be with you for all the lions yet to come. 

But don’t stop there. Maybe you know someone going through a bad spell–someone who can’t rest on God’s promises because they don’t know him. If so, it’s a sure bet they don’t have a reminder of God’s delivering power. So take your honey to them and share your story. Let them taste the victory God gave you. Encourage them to understand he wants to do the same for them. 

Always remember your lions. 

Live The Mission,