What are you afraid of?

I have been working on several new projects recently. And last night, as I finalized a few of my ‘new’ ideas, I noticed that I was experiencing real fear. Well, my wife noticed it. And then she called me out on it, which wasn’t any fun. But it was good, right and helpful.

I’ll tell you a few things that scare me. I’m afraid of the unknown, unexpected and unplanned. And if you break it down a little more… I’m probably afraid of not being in control. I still sometimes live in the fake world of believing that I can control things.

As I’ve worked on a few new projects lately, I have been reminded of how ‘not’ in control I really am. Things happen in my life because God ordains them. He directs me… not the other way around. And He seems to be rather opinionated about that. When I try to direct Him… things get hairy.

So I submit. I submit to Him.

And although that isn’t always fun, it is good, right and helpful.

And when I really, truly, honestly truth Him… I have nothing to fear. For I may face that which is unknown, unexpected and unplanned… but I will never face anything that is out of control… His control that is.

And neither will you.

If you are under His control…

Are you? Are you really under God’s control? That is one of the most valuable questions you can ever make yourself honestly answer. Ask yourself this… am I truly, actually, genuinely placing my life under God’s control?

And if so… stop being afraid of things. Cease worry… Cease strife… Cease concern.

And choose to trust. For He is trustable, worthy and reliable.

So what do you have to fear…