The Fork In The Road

Get or married or not? Accept Jesus or not. Have kids or not? Work in this field or that field? Live in this community or that one? Worship with this congregation or another? 

Our life’s journey will present a handful of life-changing intersections. Which path we take at these intersections will have huge implications for the direction of our lives. These crossroads don’t happen every day. 

But there are smaller intersections we are more likely to run across daily that also have big consequences. They offer us a choice as to when we share our story, with whom we make new friends, how much to donate to a cause, where to volunteer help, even when to listen. They may not sound like much in the moment but they can have huge impacts. 

That’s because our actions can lead someone else to or through a major crossroads in their own life. Our small decision today could be someone else’s milestone tomorrow. Think about it–did you just stumble upon any of the major crossroads in your life? Probably not. It’s more likely you reached that crossroad with the help of someone’s influence. And probably the choice you made at that intersection was influenced by someone else too. 

It’s easy to become anxious or stressed while standing at our own major crossroads. But it’s just as easy to trivialize the small crossroads in our lives that impact the lives of others. 

Never underestimate the opportunities God gives you to impact another’s life.

Live The Mission,