There I stood, puzzle piece in hand and mouth open while two people (one of them my wife) laughed hysterically at me. 

My wife and her friend had decided to tear into a puzzle they had gotten for one of our kids. It was a simple 100 piece puzzle, not real challenging for adults. So I thought I’d join them. But when they started fitting pieces together in rapid fire succession I knew I was outmatched, even on this kid’s puzzle. 

That’s when I decided to outsmart them. I grabbed a puzzle piece and waited for the last open place. When it presented itself I was going to triumphantly slam my piece in place and proclaim that I was the one who had finished the puzzle. 

But as each piece flew into place, I could tell something wasn’t right. The open places looked nothing like the piece in my hand. Five places open, then four, three, two, one—the puzzle was complete. And I still held the piece in my hand. 

Amid the din of laughter, the unlikely scenario of what had just happened began to take shape in my head. The manufacturer accidently placed an extra piece in the box, we bought that very box, and of all the pieces to choose from I randomly picked the one that had a twin. What were the odds?! 

Instead of being the critical cog in their puzzle making machine, it ran over me like a opossum caught in headlights and left me twitching in the dust.   

This reminds me of the servant with one talent in Matthew 25. Instead of risking what he was given to gain something more, he dug a hole in the ground where he kept the talent until his master returned. When his master came back the servant handed the talent back to him thinking he would be rewarded for keeping it safe. But instead his master was furious and gave his one talent to another servant. 

How often do we hold on to our puzzle piece, wait for the end game, and expect to be rewarded for playing it safe? God gave us that piece for one reason—to get into the game, risk it all for his name and expand his kingdom. 

And a couple of weeks ago Brad gave us a great invitation to do just that. Do you have an idea for a Go NUTS event? (NUTS=Never Underestimate The Spirit for those of you who don’t attend 4RC.) If so, then God has given you a crucial piece of the puzzle to reach our community—and he expects you to put it in place. Is it crazy? Will it never work? Is it totally off-base. Perfect—only God could make that work! 

Brad has offered the resources of the church so get that puzzle piece in place. We’re all waiting to see the big picture. 

Live The Mission,