Underground Church

I’m so thankful to be a part of Four Rivers Church. The people of this church are so giving, loving and outward focused. Wow!… I’ve written ‘wow’ quite a lot lately.

One of the latest things that makes me write ‘wow’ is the development of the Underground Church Lock-In youth event that is coming up in November.

On November 11, LOADS of middle and high school students from our area will be pouring into our Paducah campus facility for a night of fun filled learning, growing and grounding in the faith. But that’s not exactly what it is that makes me write ‘wow.’

What really excites me is that most of these students are from other churches and will not directly benefit Four Rivers in any way-shape-form…

Our church is hosting an event for our students and for the students connected with various area churches whose youth group size might prevent them from doing something like this all alone.

So we are working together.

And in a time when so many congregations are self focused… the people of 4RC are helping put together an event that is primarily benefiting other churches. WOW.

As of now, I think there are 7 churches committed to be a part of this event.

And with the addition of great youth leader/communicator Bo Bailey and the really exciting music of 270 NORTH. This event is sure to excite and ignite passion in the hearts and lives of students across our region.

Four Rivers Church… thank you for who you are letting Jesus turn you into… I really like who we are becoming.


That’s all I know to write.