Picking a Fight about Albert Pujols

I had all I could take. I’ve checked Facebook a few times today only to see that so many people are hating on Albert Pujols. OK, I’m as big of a cardinal fan as you are. I’ve gone to and watched more Cards games in my life than anyone would care to remember. I have a section in my closet of red/white clothes just for the occasion. I love being a cardinals fan.

I’m also a loyal Pujols fan. I think he’s a great player, but more importantly, I think he is a great man. He loves his heritage, his family, his game and his God. Albert Pujols has done nothing but good for baseball, St Louis, the Cardinals organization and for his home country of the Dominican Republic.

Through the ‘Pujols Family Foundation’ Albert has donated and raised millions of dollars to care for those with Down Syndrome, support for families with children who suffer from Downs as well as feeding the hungry and caring for the poor in his home country of the Dominican Republic.

He has also been involved in many different projects aimed at spreading the gospel of Jesus to those who didn’t know it or have not yet had a chance to respond to it.

The dude is pretty much a saint.

So today when I saw so many people hating on him about taking a job which will pay him about 30 additional million dollars over the next ten years I couldn’t take it without writing something back.

To those of you who see Albert as an opportunist who is greedy and money hungry…

Pay attention here. Albert desires to make more money so that he will have more to GIVE AWAY.

Good men who make the kind of living Albert has don’t simply think about what that money will do for them and their families. Albert sees himself as God’s tool to provide for an entire country of poor and hungry people and for a world of people and families suffering from Downs Syndrome. It is his calling in life.

He took that job for them. And that is a very good thing.

And the truth is, most of those venting on Facebook would change jobs within their field for 2 additional bucks an hour. Wouldn’t you? No one would be angry with you about that. Its probably a wise choice.

So lets go a little easier on Albert. Sure, I’m disappointed that it didn’t work out for him to remain in St Louis. But in his shoes, I think that most good men would have done exactly the same thing.

A lot of hungry and sick kids will benefit from this decision.