New Worship Gatherings at 4RC Campuses

Over the past year, Four Rivers Church has found great success in planting smaller, relationship focused gatherings at unique times and places. We have also experimented with video driven worship, smaller children’s ministries and meals for everyone at these gatherings. Each of those experiments have proven to be helpful in reaching new individuals and families.

And so we press on…

One of the hopeful goals during 2012 for the staff and pastors of Four Rivers will hopefully be to launch at least one new worship gathering at each of the three locations of the church.

Presently, Four Rivers holds 3 worship gatherings in Paducah (1 on Wednesday Evening & 2 on Sunday Morning), 2 gatherings in Calvert City (Both on Sunday Morning) and very soon 4RC Eddyville will begin meeting every week (most likely on Sunday evenings.)

The present grand total is that Four Rivers presently holds 6 weekly worship gatherings.

We would like to see that number climb to 9 by the end of 2012.

So, speak up. For those who presently attend 4RC and would benefit from a different worship gathering time… for those who would like to attend a 4RC gathering but have not yet connected with one of the present time slots… or for those who are simply interested in helping plant a new 4RC gathering in one of our three present locations… I need to hear from you.

I am looking to you for advice on which times/places would be most missionally successful. Feel free to speak up.

Here are my questions…

1. What time makes most sense to reach new & disconnected people?

2. Who, specifically, are we intending to reach with the new gathering you are proposing?

3. Explain why you think that a gathering at this time would be successful.

I look forward to reading your thoughts. And I sense that suggestions from this blog could prove to be extremely helpful in seeking out the steps that God would have us to take in the next stage of the growth of this great church.