Why Didn’t I Think Of That?!

Alexander Bogdanov tried to invent the fountain of youth through blood transfusions. He died after receiving contaminated or incompatible blood from an infusion he gave himself.

Horace Hunley invented the combat submarine. He died when it sank—the third time.

Henry Smolinski invented the flying car based on the Ford Pinto. He died when one of the wings fell off in mid-flight. 

Franz Reichelt invented the parachute suit. He died while testing his suit by jumping off the Eiffel Tower. He told authorities he would test the suit using a dummy. 

According to legend, Wan Hu was an official in the Ming Dynasty and invented space travel(?). He sat in a chair with 47 rockets attached to it in an attempt to reach outer space. After the smoke cleared neither Wan Hu nor the chair were ever seen again. 

These people were all done in by inventions of their own making. I wonder if they were able to speak to us today, would they blame their untimely demise on the casual observer who could have probably told them what would happen? 

Of course not, that would be silly. 

Just as silly as blaming God for problems of our own invention. 

God didn’t cause your problems (for that matter maybe you didn’t either). But he does want to help. Seek him out and listen to what he has to say. 

Live TheMission,