Just Do It

We are what we repeatedly do. –Aristotle

Not many of us got to where we are today in the blink of an eye.

Tiger Woods didn’t win the Master’s the first time he picked up a club. Warren Buffett didn’t make billions on his first stock trade. And Albert Einstein didn’t develop the theory of relativity on his first day of school. Yet they all persisted in what they were doing and rose to the top of their fields.

By the same token, someone under a crushing mountain of debt probably didn’t have it fall on them after a single purchase. A prisoner doing hard time likely didn’t get there on a first offense. And the chain smoker didn’t contract lung cancer after smoking their first cigarette. They too persisted in what they were doing and wound up with predictable results.

In First and Second Corinthians, Paul instructs us to examine our lives. Examing the grandiose, once-in-a-lifetime events isn’t that difficult. Stepping back to examine the patterns of our lives takes effort, a sense of responsibility, and lots of courage. And this is where our greatest potential exists–not at one fork in the road but along our entire journey.

Where are the things you repeatedly do leading you? Which ones will make you look like Tiger and which ones will crush you? More to the point, which ones lead to fulfillment of your mission and which ones lead you to chase stuff that doesn’t matter?

Maybe it’s time to just do something different.

It’s never too late. Just later than it was. –Seth Godin

Live The Mission,