The Tattered Sail


I am occasionally asked why there is a tattered sail in the logo for Four Rivers Church. And it’s a fair question… sailing doesn’t normally happen on the ‘river.’

This is why.

Being a part of the church is like sailing on a river. Here is what I mean.

1. Your context (local culture) is already laid out for you… much like a river. You can’t choose the details of the city of county in which you serve. You won’t always know where the next bend or curve is. You don’t simply have a wide open ocean or even lake upon which to navigate. You are required to guide your ship through the needs of your local culture.

2. Your ship is propelled by the “wind” of the Spirit of God. It is also somewhat unpredictable. God doesn’t always enlighten you to his next move. So you must be ready to react to His movement, His work, His Wind.

When you are in a culture out of your control, being propelled by a force you can’t control… yeah, that’s like leading a church.

(I should say, some leaders take their sail down & attempt to create their own force. Instead of relying on God for forward motion, they are tempted to attach a few Mercury outboard motors into their church and force it’s forward motion. This usually breaks the church. You see, sail boats aren’t intended to be driven… they are created to be blown forward by His Wind…)

3. It takes the gifts and investments of many to steer correctly. You see, even a small sail boat requires a great deal of effort to guide on a windy day. It’s never a one man show.

4. The tattered part – sometimes following Gods Will and doing His Work does result in personal sacrifice and hardship. Sometimes you will find yourself tattered by life following Christ. It’s really not the safe & sweet journey that some expect it to be.

Sailing on a river in high winds with a crew that is learning as they go & a cargo that isn’t always willing or helpful can be tough…

But the journey proves to be quite the adventure. So get on board, grab a line, listen for direction & let’s go…