4RC Eddyville moves into SFBC & will meet every week


Lots of things have happened in the development of our new Four Rivers campus in Eddyville (Lyon County). Things that could be huge!

The people of Suwanee Furnace Baptist Church have agreed to give up their normal Sunday night service and have agreed to host ours. They are even going to attend with us.

I’ll be teaching live every week at first.

They already have a great kids ministry at that time & have agreed to invite our kids into it.

So, let’s blow this out big THIS SUNDAY NIGHT.

Their kids ministry called ‘Awana’ starts at 5:00, so we are going to do our meal at that time as well. Its this campuses Chili supper, so we need everyone to bring some. Be there at 5 or before & your kids can grab a quick bite & then join in to the Awana program.

Make sure you notice this… the meal starts at 5:00 (not the previous time of 5:30)

Worship will begin at 6.

We will be using their fellowship hall for the meal & their sanctuary (with our lighting, video & sound upgrades) for worship.

They have agreed to this plan for 6 months. So this gives us a great step into our next stage for the Eddyville/Lyon County campus.

We start meeting EVERY SINGLE WEEK this Sunday night.

Spread the word! Let me know that you are coming.