A Demanding Pace of Leadership Demands A Peaceful Pace of Life


Today was a beautiful day. And I was especially blessed because the boys were out of school. So I had an entire day with them.

We rode bikes, watched Swamp Men, and wet a line.

I used to really mess this kind of day up. I would be so focused on work that I would work right through an opportunity like this. But then I hit bottom emotionally a few years ago and realized that the demand for leadership productivity from me required me to indulge in more rest, meditation, quiet and ultimately time unplugged from leading.

Well, kind of…

I mean, I was certainly leading today. I taught Jackson how to hold a catch & release a large mouth bass. I taught Bradon how to fish with a top water lure. I’m sure that counts as leading in my family.

But I unplugged from the pressures of work.

Now, I’m still a believer in hard work. Some will use my words as a tool to endorse a lazy approach to work.

That’s absolutely not what I mean.

I am learning that… just like Jesus… if I expect to lead well when I am plugged in with my ‘game face on…’. I must learn to unplug, relax and enjoy the family and friends who are closest to me in life.

Today was a good day.

And next week will be even better because of it.