Your best ‘Communion’ story

So we are kicking off the new Remember series this week. We will be looking at ancient rituals, sacraments and disciplines of the faith with the intention if helping us all grow in Christ.

This week we will begin with the topic of communion.

So we want to know your best communion story. Maybe it’s serious, maybe it’s funny & maybe it’s just downright strange.

One of my best stories is when my room-mate at Governor’s School for the Arts snuck into the Catholic Church bear our dorm and stole some communion wine. He got totally drunk. (this was the first time I had been around anyone who was intoxicated.)

It turned him into a babbling goof.

I helped him to the bathroom & probably kept him from being expelled from GSA.

And I decide that night that I didn’t ever want to be that goofy…

But that night taught me alot about forgiveness & redemption.

So even in a bad example of lack of respect and honor… God taught me something.

So share. We want to read your story.