Proud, Thankful & Impressed

This morning was a difficult and yet inspiring experience for me. I was invited to lead a group of pastors to Livingston Central High School to serve as volunteer chaplains for any students who needed to talk after the untimely death of one of their fellow students.

I didn’t know what I’d see. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I know what I saw today. And I want to tell you.

Livingston Central, like many small rural high schools, has many critics. I guess it comes with the territory.

But there was nothing to criticize today. Here are just a few of the things that I observed.

1. Some amazing students.

I saw students sharing one another’s burdens, exhibiting spiritual maturity & biblical understanding, showing brotherly love, empathy and all around goodness.

I don’t have a high schooler, but If I did, I’d love for them to be like one of the amazing students I met and observed in action today.

2. Some committed & caring administrators, teachers, staff & volunteer chaplains.

These adults were fantastic. They were brave to dive in and serve students who had questions larger than their answers… and be sure, that takes great courage. These adults cared to the deepest parts of their hearts.

Any school would be blessed to be led by these administrators, taught by these teachers or cared for by these staff members.

I was thoroughly impressed by the level of care given to the grieving students from the adults at LCHS.

3. A community that has it better than they realize.

I live and work in many different areas. I serve churches in large, small, urban, rural & suburban contexts. And over the years my love for the rural life in Livingston County has continually grown.

We have it so good.

People genuinely care about one another. People know one another. People will change their own lives to benifit others.

And I saw that over and over today.

Today I saw some amazing students interact with some fantastic adults in a really great community.

I hope others can see what I saw today.

If you have ever been tempted to jump on the bandwagon of expecting or contributing mediocrity that is regularly expected of small, rural communities, take note. Livingston County has amazing potential that shows itself on day’s like today.

We are not perfect, far from it. In fact, we still have a lot of improvement to do. And if we ever realize what we could become… I just know we will give everything for it.

So let’s open our eyes and notice the beauty of this small, rural town. Let’s expect more of ourselves on a day to do basis. We have shown potential for greatness. Let’s meet our potential with belief in ourselves and the effort it takes to get from where we are to where we could go.