Thank You

This week has been a challenging one. Specifically, we have had a few of our normal team absent this week and a few others planning on being out for the next few weeks. So those of us in the office have been running pretty hard.

I’m writing this to say thank you to everyone who serves at Four Rivers Church. Whether you are a leadership team member, a deacon at one of the campuses, a central staff person, a River Group leader or one of the hundreds of volunteers on one of the many ministry teams… thank you.

We see someone’s contribution level even more when they are taken out of the picture. And I have seen a few folks this week who are extremely helpful in the week to week running of Four Rivers Church.

Your contributions are noticed. Your time is valuable. Your work is important. And we are all thankful for what you do to help us be effective at accomplishing the mission of Connection & Transformation in the church.

If you are someone who has yet to dive in and serve, come on. We need you. Your gifts and talents are valued. Your time is needed. Find a place, see a need, meet a need & ultimately… live the mission.